Get right at the top of Google search results - Thanks to targeted, paid advertising!

PPC advertising offers you the option to pay for top positions in search engines and on relevant partner websites. This provides direct traffic and offers many opportunities alongside your existing SEO strategies, keyword testing. We know the market and convert your overall internet marketing strategy into a profitable product that, together with our SEO plans, will achieve a high return for your company. We work on proven facts and metrics, rather than assumptions. Our professionals are experts in finding the keywords that attract a maximum audience at the little cost spent.

What is Google Ads?

An advertising platform by Google!

Do you want your website to be in the first place in Google quickly? Then choose online advertising in Google Ads. You then pay per click for keywords that are relevant to your company. Your ads will be displayed above the normal results shown with search engine optimization.

You can take advantage of this by registering your website and creating advertisements. When someone searches for the word “web design” and this keyword is active in your campaign, your ad will appear at the top of the search results in Google. The chance that someone clicks on the link to your website suddenly becomes much greater. That is why you also pay per click to Google.

Why advertise in Google Ads?

Every minute, Google processes more than 3.8 million searches. It is no longer possible to do without search engines. For most of our questions, we look for the answer at Google. So this is a smart way to get to the top.

By advertising in Google Ads, you can reach many people in a very targeted manner. Moreover, you can also determine the costs yourself, so that you never spend on advertisements than your budget allows.

Lead Generation

We understand your need to pay additionally for top results, thus we implement the best PPC strategies that help to generate conversions.

We are your partner when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO search engine optimization services. We create the ads and design landing pages that are focused on generating leads. Our highly creative ad campaigns entice the customer to make a purchase. Our PPC Expert will be there to guide you and answer all your questions on results. We will not leave the assignment until you are satisfied.

Pay only for what you get!

Creating campaigns, conducting keyword research, and determining the right strategy are not for everyone. Without experience, advertising in Google can take quite some time. That is why we are helping businesses reach their audience through this. We have the necessary knowledge in-house to organize your campaigns as efficiently as possible, so that you pay as little as possible for the best result.

  • Right at the top of Google
  • More relevant visitors quickly
  • More chance of requests and orders
  • Reach your target audience in a targeted manner
  • Only pay per click
  • Good measurable results

Types of Advertisements:

PPC, CPC model .

PPC, CPC model - These ads will immediately appear at the top of the search results. Payment is made per click or impression on the ad.


With remarketing (or retargeting), we advertise your website or product again to the already departed visitors. This helps to get them back and increases the chance of still making an order or request

Display Advertising

Display advertising is online advertising with banners, images, flash, video, and audio on other websites and we are best at this.

What you can expect from us?

Advertise with a tailored strategy

Cyber Web Serve provides a tailor-made strategy for every customer. The objective and possibilities are discussed during the intake interview of the campaign. On this basis, research is being conducted into the possibilities of advertising against the best possible ROI. After approval, the ads are created and we go live.

Accurately monitor costs and ROI

Our specialists closely monitor the costs during the advertising campaign. Among other things, it looks at how quickly you reach your daily budget, how many clicks the advertisements generate, and whether adjustments are necessary. This way you can advertise as cheaply as possible

Always insight into activities and your campaign

To ensure that you know what we are all doing during the campaign, we work with action lists and clear dashboards. This would help you look at the things we are doing and you are always aware of what you are paying for. Ideal!

Periodic Updates and Evaluations

In addition to the dashboards and action lists, you also get an overview of the progress per month (or possibly per quarter). The results are then discussed with you by your project manager. We also look ahead to ensure that we stay on track to achieve the target.